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Traditionally, the subject of death has not been a comfortable topic of discussion. People do not like to think about it, much less plan for it. Yet death is a part of every life and can have a profound emotional and financial effect on those left behind.

Today, more and more people are thinking ahead, for themselves or for a loved one. They are availing themselves of the funeral pre-planning services offered by funeral homes across the country.

So please, take a moment...when you think about it... it really makes sense.

You have spent a lifetime taking care of your family. That responsibility should not be overlooked in death. Pre-planning your funeral is one of the most responsible, caring things you can do for your family. It truly is a sensible act of love.

funeral planning Pre-planning allows you to make objective decisions in a stress-free emotional state. It allows you to make arrangements exactly as you want them, relieving your loved one’s of any guesswork. With all the details taken care of in advance, your family is able to concentrate on themselves and their families during their time of loss.

Pre-planning is also intelligent financial planning. It ensures that money will be available to pay for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one. The cost of a funeral depends on what you select. Therefore, you can protect your family by choosing what you want and save money by securing its cost. Through the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association, we are able to offer you several options of funding for your pre-planned funeral services. Whether you are living on a fixed income or planning for your retirement, we have a plan to meet your needs. Our experienced, licensed funeral directors will help find the plan that is right for you.

We believe in the concept of family and want to help you protect yours. Our goal is to provide a sensible pre-planning program that coordinates your wishes, provides for your family, and establishes peace of mind.

As members of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association and charter members of the Funeral Ethics Association, we are committed to serving families with compassionate, quality care.

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