The Fluehr Funeral Homes are full service funeral homes and have been in business for over 30 years. We have the knowledge and the talents to handle everything from out of town deaths to traditional services to cremation and memorial services. We are familiar and proficient in all religions as well as their funeral customs.

As with any funeral or memorial service, the family will need to make many decisions. When we meet with the families to make funeral arrangements, we will discuss each step with you, walking you through the next few days and aiding you in deciding what you want. Our attentive staff is dedicated to accommodating all the needs and requests of the families that we serve. Our purpose is to comfort and support the families from the first moment they contact us.

Families may request a formal visitation (with or without an open casket) followed by the interment of the deceased. Some families request the use the facilities for an evening viewing, with a church service and burial the next morning. In addition to traditional services there is cremation, with or with out a viewing or service and these options are outlined below.

Our Services

Viewing and Funeral Ceremony
Interment (ground burial) and entombment (above ground crypt) are usually preceded by a viewing, also called a wake or calling hours. Some families request the use the facilities for an evening viewing, with a church service and burial the next morning. However, many families today prefer to have everything in one day with a viewing, service and then burial. The needs and requirements of your family usually dictate your preference; there is no “right” or “wrong”. While same day services are not as traditional, they are more cost efficient and still considered to be a respectful funeral for a loved one.

Immediate/Direct Cremation
People who prefer not to have any service or gathering can choose a direct cremation. In this case, the appropriate paperwork and authorizations are secured; the cremation is performed without any service. The cremated remains are then returned to the family members after the process is complete.

Cremation followed by a Memorial Service
A memorial service is held after the cremation takes place, and oftentimes, the cremated remains are present. The memorial service can be tailored to each family’s wishes, and often includes pictures, music, memorabilia, awards, and poetry or scripture readings that reflect the personal taste of the deceased or of the surviving family.

Funeral Service with Cremation following
Increasingly popular, is the option of traditional funeral services or Funeral Mass, with the cremation following the service. In these cases, a ceremonial casket can used or a special cremation designed casket can be purchased. Many experts in the study of grief have long felt that a viewing and funeral service help begin a healthy grieving process. This option gives families the closure that is recommended, while cremation can still proceed.

Urns and Memorials
The selection of an urn or “worthy vessel” (as described by the Catholic Church) can be determined by numerous factors. If the cremated remains are to be buried, entombed, or scattered. Some cemeteries have strict regulations about size and material, while others have none. And if you are going to scatter all of the remains then an urn would not be necessary.